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Fireplace Desserts

Snuggle while you savor your sweets!  There is absolutely nothing seasonal about Whipped Creamery desserts! Our fall menu is always highly anticipated!  Offerings are available in store and on our mobile! Enjoy your scroll and we'll see you soon! *Please note, that these items are rotated and NOT offered everyday.  You will need to follow any of our social media pages to know which item(s) are being offered daily.

Hot Sundaes for the win!

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Pumpkin Spice Donut Sundae

Pumpkin spice lovers, run don't walk through our doors!   These warm cake donuts are paired with your choice of ice cream, hot caramel or pumpkin spiced caramel and fresh whipp!

Peach Cobbler Sundae 

Hot and glazed Georgia Peach cobbler,  topped with a scoop of your favorite ice cream.  Savor each melty spoonful.  Dessert worth discussing while warming up next to the fire! Follow us for updates!

Pecan Cobbler Sundae

Caramel custard, sweet and salty pecans with multi-layered crusts. No don't stop there! Whip it up by adding a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream and fresh whipp! It's a great shareable treat! 

Apple Pie Sundae

You can probably smell it from the picture! This is our view as we are pulling them from the hot oven. What should your view look like? With or without ice cream? Extra whipped cream? Toppings?  Follow us so you don't miss it!

Jumbo Fudge Brownie

Our brownies are a daily sell out! These rich and fudgy, melt in your mouth, chocolate decadence are worth the trip to our store or food truck! You will not be disappointed. Dress it up as you wish! These are offered everyday.

Hot Waffle

Stop right here! Our waffles are no stranger to our menu! Made from a brioche sweet bread dough, baked fresh to order. Skip the ice cream and add some fresh fruit toppings, nuts or syrups !  These are offered everyday!

​Gourmet Dipped Apples

The wait is over! Our fresh, homemade caramel dipped apples will have you craving them in your sleep! Seriously, you are going to want to share this experience with everyone you love.  They are offered dipped in caramel, chocolate or hard candy, then rolled in many variations of toppings! These apples sell out daily.  Want to order in bulk, no problem, ordering is super simple.  No more waiting for the fair to get those nostalgic treats!  

Want to order gourmet dipped apples for your team or party! Easy online order here!

You're getting warmer by the sip!

Hot Cocoa Line Coming soon! You should be so very excited!  These will all be available in store and on our mobile food truck soon.  Follow our social media for more and to be the first to know when it's available. *Dairy Free*

Flavors: Smores, Pumpkin Spice, peppermint and traditional. Add a scoop of your favorite ice cream to make it a hot cocoa float! 

Boba Fizz

OMG! If you're gonna play it cool, keep it fun; let it be with Bursting Boba! Experience a party in your mouth! Not kidding! These little popping beads are bursting with sweet and juicy fruit juice while offering you the most exciting of experiences. Rated the most delicious fruitiest drink in the CSRA! Our Boba Fizz is completely non-dairy, vegan, cholesterol and gluten free. Choose between mango or strawberry or a combination of both!  

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