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Happiness Is Only a Scoop Away

About Our Menu

Here at Whipped Creamery, which is located just off I-20 in Grovetown, Georgia, there are endless possibilities of flavors and textures for every sweet tooth. We want our customers to know that they are only limited by their imagination. We foster that imagination with our willingness to help and create with you. Our customers’ taste buds and ideas are the future creations of our shop. We offer:

Belgian Waffles

Our signature waffles create quite a buzz in the air... These waffles are unique and traditional in Belgium. These are the most popular waffles in all of Belgium and Whipped Creamery is bringing them to you.

These freshly baked, made-to-order waffles are made using a yeast based brioche dough studded with clumps of pearl sugar. When baked, these pearls melt with a lava, crème brûlée type of consistency. The caramelization creates a crispy outer layer while the center remains tender, moist and slightly chewy! Mercy, it’s one of our favorites!

These waffles have a sweet crust and are delicious as is. But at Whipped Creamery, we whip it up a notch by offering it with any of the fixings from our sweet treat lineup… Drizzle them with fudge, caramel, or flavored syrup, or add toppings of your choice.

Maybe you want it “house style” by turning it into a decadent sundae! Sundaelize your waffle by adding your choice of hand-dipped or soft serve ice cream, with toppings and our fresh homemade whipped cream and a cherry!

Ice Cream Sandwiches  and Fudge Brownies

How wild is your imagination?

Create your choice of dessert sandwich from any of our freshly baked daily, soft, all-butter gourmet cookies. Paired with your choice of hand-dipped ice cream or soft serve option (gelato, custard, sorbet, or yogurt). You can even add toppings to it! Choose from any of our high-quality toppings to create a luscious and decadent frozen dessert sandwich.


Our toppings are top-of-the-line brands ranging from fudges/caramels, candies, cookies, fresh fruits, syrups, and gourmet nuts. Yes, that’s right! We offer key lime pecans and sweet ‘n spicy pecans. Oh, did we mention that we make our whipped cream in-house daily? Well, it’s the perfect touch to any sweet treat! Hand-dipped and soft serve ice cream.


Our sundaes will take you on a trip down memory lane… Enjoy our signature hot fudge brownie (or no brownie) sundae, shortcake sundae (make it strawberry, blueberry, or blackberry if you want), Belgian waffle sundae, cookie sundae, cheesecake sundae or you can really put your imagination to the test and create your own!

These Whipped Creamery icons come with your choice of hand-dipped or soft serve ice cream, and 2 scoops of toppings, a big-ole dollop of our homemade whipped cream and a cherry.

Hand-dipped & soft-serve Options

We offer 12 hand-dipped variations made from rich quality dairy products. We keep the traditional flavors available and have seasonal rotations. We offer a range of soft serve options from yogurts, custards, gelato, sorbets, and Italian ice. We run 9 soft serve flavors daily and flavors change each day. So please follow us on social media to get the flavors of the day… We don’t want you to miss out on anything!

Frozen Drinks and Whipped Stiffs

Grab a straw and get ready for some milkshake! Make a shake from any of our hand-dipped or soft serve flavors!

Do you like your coffee cold? If so, then we have the perfect treat for you. Indulge in one of our “Chiller Joes” coffee blended drinks. Made with our high-quality signature espresso, blended with premium vanilla or chocolate soft serve custard, served with a dollop of our famous homemade whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon.

Care for a Whipped Stiff?...Choose any topping from our topping buffet to blend with your choice of softserve!  Grab a spoon and you will be happy!

Where are all the smoothie lovers?....because our smoothies are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! They are completely non-dairy and gluten free! You can expect the fruitiest, flavorful frozen drink, guaranteed to keep you coming back.  

Moist Decadent Fudge Brownies

Our super fluffy and moist donuts line is sure to please.  Our donuts are made fresh everyday from 10am- until sold out! Pair them with your favorite ice cream for a "Scoop'n a hole Sundae"!


Keep it simple! Enjoy your frozen treat on a waffle cone, dipped waffle cone, or cake cone. Whipped Creamery is unique; our cones aren’t just dipped in plain chocolate. We got cherry flavored and blue raspberry flavored, chocolate dipped cones! Ohhh yeah… Only at Whipped Creamery! See you soon!

House of Splits!

Cheers to that trip down memory lane with our traditional, old-school banana splits! We’re talking about a real banana, split down the middle, and placed in a banana boat. This is served with your choice of three flavors of hand-dipped and/or soft serve (yum!), your choice of 3 scoops of toppings, a big-ole dollop of our homemade whipped cream, and a cherry! You can keep it traditional or create your own treat.

Better yet, stop, drop, and rush in for our other jaw-dropping split variations that are exclusive to Whipped Creamery! Order from our House of Splits menu! Try our Brownie Split, Shortcake Split, Colossal Cookie Split or Belgian Split.

Cakes & Pies

You can always special order our cakes or just walk in and grab from our ready to go selection of cakes and Pies! Our cakes are made of a combination of cake and ice cream of your choice.  To order simply call the store at 706-993-9403 or come by.

Our decadent signature pies are half cheesecake half ice cream! Yes you heard that right!  Our cheesecakes are made in house and you get to choose your favorite flavor of ice cream to go with it!  Like we said, we totally customize our desserts to fit your tastebuds! So lets have some fun!

Custom Breakables

Our breakables are made of edible chocolate! These  shapes are completely customizable for your needs.  Please call us 706-993-9403 or come by to speak with a team member so we can fulfill your confectionary needs.  We love what we do! So lets have fun!

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Follow us on social media and stay updated on what new treats we’ve added to our menu. You can check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram @whippedcreamerytreats.

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